BusyDad Video Vault
I love doing videos. They sometimes flop, they sometimes rule. These are the ones that rule (for all the other ones, go to my YouTube channel):

Known for his powerful "one-inch punch" technique, Bruce Lee amazed fans around the world. I adapted that same move for some more practical applications. Here is the original post: Bruce Lee, made practical

I did some parody commercials for Huggies Wipes. Because I always wanted to work in advertising. Maybe it's better I didn't. You be the judge. Here is the original post: Leo Burnett will regret (or heartily applaud) not hiring me

I did a session at Blissdom and talked about ways to jazz up the mundane (i.e. "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."). My apologies to Momversation. Here's the original post: Blyzzdizzaym

Ever wondered how Dexter cooks his Thanksgiving turkey? Me neither. But I know the answer anyway. Here's the original post: Dexter Cooks. With Kikkoman

Doing unconventional (read: perverse) things with beef. Here's the original post: Neither I, Nor Beef, Will Ever Be the Same

Don't try this at home. Just don't. Original post: Ignorance is Tastier


I did a series of 3 videos for the Tastemaker Challenge, sponsored by the US Potato Board. This is my favorite one. Mostly because it took me an entire day to learn these sweet dance moves. This also proves I'm not above making a complete fool of myself for your attention. Original post: The Reason I Don't Write a Dancing Blog - Tastemaker Video #2

Fury and I like to debunk myths. Like that show that busts myths. This is us attempting to prove that asparagus makes your pee smell bad. I suppose we could have just Googled it, but how boring would that be? Here's the original post: Ok, so it was just an excuse to pee into tupperware

If you've made it this far without going away, I invite you to watch this. I went to China on business a few years ago and this is my Anthony Bourdain-esque travel/food journal. One of my favorites ever. But it is 26 minutes long. Original post: Rollin' on tha Eastside... the Far Eastside

You probably want to kick my ass after wasting all this time watching my videos. Or at least want to see me getting my ass kicked. Well, I live to serve. Enjoy this video of me losing a Muay Thai kickboxing match. Original post: Leap of Faith #2: Knocking Out My Demons