This is why you pay more for organic #lunchboxdaily

Because I cannot rely solely on my drawing skills, I had to prime Fury's brain all yesterday so that it makes the right cognitive leap when he sees this. "Fury, you know you Nicolas Cage is right?" "That guy from Ghost Rider, you know what he looks like, right? His name is Nicolas CAGE. You knew that, right?" "When was the last time you and I watched a Nicolas Cage movie?"

Telling it like it is #lunchboxdaily #fuckcancer

This was inspired by a conversation I had with Fury yesterday. We drove by a liquor store with a sign advertising cartons of cigarettes. He asked me how many cigarettes came in a carton. I said, "about a few hundred - and you also get a free cancer."

Also, as if we needed yet another reason to hate cancer, it took away a beloved member of our community just yesterday. Rest in peace, Susan. You were a true fighter.