My kid discovered the A-Team on Netflix. I made a cartoon about it.

Unless you've watched the A-Team extensively, you won't understand this comic. Even if you did watch it, you still might not get it. But my son does, so that's really all that matters. Ok, ok, if you really wanna know... ever notice how NO ONE ever gets shot on the A-Team? Machine guns, bazookas and RPGs blaze -- trees and dirt are mowed down mercilessly.

Make sure to read the fine print. Especially on Lunchboxdaily.

So last night, I asked Fury if there was anything in particular he wanted to see in his lunchbox cartoon for the next day. He said M&Ms. After he went to bed, I sat there thinking "I have nothing." Also, "I hope he didn't mean Eminem." I was also dozing off at my desk. Then a Google Alert came into my inbox (yes, I Google-stalk myself, and so do you). And this was in it:

There's nothing like a whole lotta pressure (and a glass of Jack Daniels) to kick the creative gears in motion. Hope you like this one.

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- Jim