Yo Mama Reads Alltop!

Well, at least mine should.

Because her son's blog is on it! Right here, front and center (well, go to the right, then scroll down... a little more, yeah yeah, your scrolling finger is sore! stop complaining, keep scrolling, we're scroooling... aaaaand stop!) BOOYAH!

Alltop is the brainchild of venture capitalist/entrepreneur/tech celebrity Guy Kawasaki. Did you click on the link to Alltop yet? Did you think "what? that's it? a page that aggregates RSS feeds?" Yeah, so did I. But that's because I'm not the visitor Guy is trying to reach. That's the genuis of this website.

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are a blogger. Chances are you are a mom blogger between the ages of 24-45 (don't think I don't do my homework, I am a wily counter-stalker). Chances are you have 234 unread posts in your Google Reader right now. Alltop wasn't built to appeal to you.

Guy Kawasaki built Alltop for my mom. My mom who after a 5 or 6 emails and phone calls back and forth finally figured out how to configure a reader, and after many attempts managed to successfully subscribe to my RSS feed.

My mom, who several months later had this conversation with me:

"So, I can get your blog on my Google, but isn't just as easy for me to just go to your website?"

"Yeah mom, you can get the same thing by going to my site, but then you have to do the same for all the other blogs you visit. Isn't it a lot easier to have the most recent posts show up in one place?"

"But I only have your blog on my reader. I don't read other blogs."

*forehead smack* "oh... yes, just go to my website then."

Ok, on second thought, maybe he didn't build this for my mom. Maybe your mom, or the average non-blogging internet user who has probably seen the ubiquitous orange radar looking doohickey but is too intimidated to figure out what it's for. To these folks, Alltop is everything they ever needed: the blog feeds and excerpts from of all the top sites organized by category (e.g. small business, celebrities, humor, gadgets, green living, dads, moms...). Sure, it's simplistic. But so is Craigslist.

[Editor's note: look at me getting all excited and not minding my manners! Big THANK YOU to Guy Kawasaki for adding me, and to anyone who recommended me to him of which I know Amy T Sharp of Doobleh-Vay is one, and to Jenny (aka The Bloggess) for clueing me into the significance of Guy and all he does!]