What Are YOU Doing on Tuesday at 1pm EST?

Well, I'll tell you what you WON'T be doing. You won't be stuttering and fumbling over words and discovering firsthand that being witty is ten times harder when you don't have the luxury of a backspace key and submit button. But you COULD be listening to me do that. LIVE on Soapbox Radio. Many of you are already friends and fans of Soapbox Mom. And you probably know that she's been doing this internet radio thing for some time (and is darn good at it). What you might not know is that she is launching a BRAND NEW show called Soapbox Radio. And that I am her first guest! I'll let Soapbox Mom fill you in on the rest:

 Scribble this on a Post-It right now:

Tuesday, May 13 at 1:00pm Eastern
On Soapbox Radio (well, just pretend you can hyperlink on a Post-It).
Call-in number: (347) 326-9613

A phone call during the show would make my day. It would make me feel totally rockstar.