What an anniversary can teach you

Today is me (my?) and Lisa's 9th wedding anniversary. 9 years ago today, we took a leap of faith. And while all the dust hasn't yet cleared, we're still standing. And we've got two more standing beside us. Well, not really. One is kind of rolling around and eating her feet. And I've learned a few things...

Doing the right thing is often the right thing

When Lisa and I first met, we were different people. We had also been 3 or 4 drinks into it. She was here on business from a foreign land. We clicked. I liked her carefree attitude, she liked my shaved head. We spent a weekend together. Then she went up to Northern CA to visit relatives. I drove up there to hang out with them (I'm weird in that I actually enjoy hanging out with relatives). I cooked dinner for them. Good move. Then she and the relatives went to Vegas. I tagged along. Our first and last dinner date was at Denny's. Awesome. Then, just like that, she was on a plane and gone. She went her way and I drove back to LA alone. But little Fury had other plans. Namely, he wanted to be born.

We went back to Vegas. We drove back to LA together.

Just the other day, she watched an old video of mine and remarked "ew, you looked ugly with a shaved head." And then she made me a To-Do list for the next day. 9 years. That's a whole lotta evolving.

We make smart kids

Did you know that if you teach a kid the average gestation period of a human baby, then teach him basic math, followed by the order of the months of the year, they can somehow take that disparate knowledge and apply it to the real world?

Yesterday, Lisa was telling Fury that our 9th anniversary was coming up. Fury paused for a moment.

"So... you were pregnant when you were married? Cool!"

We make awesome kids

Last night, around 3am, I heard Fury's alarm go off. He hit the snooze button. 10 minutes later, it went off again. Then I heard shuffling. And papers. Then I saw a figure tiptioe into our bedroom. This morning, on each of our nightstands was a handwritten note from Fury, wishing us a happy anniversary.

Let me be the SECOND person to wish my wife a very happy 9th anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

- Love, Jim

(Dinner at Denny's tonight! woooo!!)