We Used Our Words

Comments usually make me laugh. Sometimes they make me think. Occasionally, they piss me off. But never before have they made me feel like a superhero. That is, until the month of August rolled around. What happened in August? This:

There have been many times in my life when I've half-heartedly uttered the phrase "I'm lucky to be a part of..." But right now, at this moment, I am telling you with full heart (and those of 30 other bloggers) that I am so lucky to have been a part of this amazing campaign. 

The premise was simple: blog about the impact that blog comments have made on you, and for each comment anyone left on your post, $20 would be donated to Shot@Life, an initiative of the UN Foundation.

What does a $20 donation to Shot@Life achieve?

It provides four life-saving vaccinations (measles, polio, diarrhea and pneumonia) for one child. $20 SAVES ONE CHILD'S LIFE. And all anyone had to do was leave a comment for this magic to happen. For once, even that guy trying to sell hot tubs via my comment section could feel good about his work.

While I was all set to serve as the last leg in this 31-day relay race, it turns out my teammates were simply too awesome. They reached the goal of $200,000 before the torch was handed to me. YES...

But I'm not going to complain. 10,000 kids will now receive life saving immunizations because of this. 10,000 kids!! Stretched end-to-end, 10,000 kids would be almost as long as the line for Space Mountain. These are kids who could grow up to be world leaders, doctors, athletes or even bloggers. The circle of internet life is complete.

While I feel a teensy bit melancholy that none of my comments will contribute to the overall kid-life-saving fund, there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, and it is filled with lighter fluid. You see, as the last one to wield the torch, I got to light the ceremonial fire. And that makes everything a-ok. I also went ahead and built you a slide show of my favorite passages from all the other Blogust bloggers who posted before me. It's all in the video, so check it out:

By the way, you can simply pledge your support for Shot@Life, get involved and yes, even donate.