W8 Loss Wednesday #6 - A Ride-Along and a Movie (plus bonus!)

This was a light week, which meant I got heavier. I have to first read the Buff Dad book before I can apply it, right? So that's all I did up until Sunday. I started the Buff Dad program in earnest on Monday. That means Fury saves the day again by producing his own movie for your enjoyment: Playmobil: The Ultimate Battle.

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And for those of you who missed it (which is pretty much everyone, since BlogTalkRadio was having technical difficulties during our broadcast!), I have the recorded version of my radio interview from Soapbox Radio. Soapbox Mom told me last night that there were actually 22 callers waiting on the line trying to talk to me! And I know a bunch of you hung out in the chat room waiting an entire hour for the sound to come on. WOW. I DO feel like a rockstar. Thank you ALL, whoever you are! (and it was totally cool that Secret Agent Mama and Kimmylyn did manage to get through). And if that didn't convince you to waste a good hour listening to me talk about myself, Mr Lady joins us for the last 15 minutes or so. And she reveals the origins of her name (I knew that would convince you).