This is as close as we're going to get...

... to real snow.

That's hail. Dog food sized chunks of frozen death terrorized Southern California last night. Fury brought some to school to show his friends. Shut up, he's snow illiterate.

... to a real post.

Yeah... I know. I don't come around here that often anymore. And I have been publicly mocked for it via Web 2.0:

At least you know I didn't just pick my blog name for its search engine friendly attributes (Google "dad blog" or "dad blogs" and see for yourself - booyah!). I'm actually keepin it real. I AM a busy dad. My new job (last one, I promise!) is keeping me out of the house from 7:30am to 8:00pm daily. Fury goes to bed by 9. Throw in prep/eat dinner, finish random chores and to-do's, enjoy a couple Newcastles and/or Jack Daniels, catch up with this wife I allegedly have, and all I've got left is time to realize I have no time to blog tonight.

Plus, this is my house:

Yes, we're undergoing a complete down-to-the-studs remodel. It's going to be epic. But in the meantime, it means we're living out of a suitcase at my buddy Toheed's house. The same buddy who happens to be the general contractor working on the house. He is a single guy -- who now has: Legos strewn across the house, 2 dogs tearing up his yard, a TV always set on Cartoon Network, and blanket forts built upon his formerly pimpin couches. People are amazed at how quickly the remodel has been progressing. I say it's all about motivation.

... to a real committment.

But really, I have some great things in the works. Blogger meet-ups, funny things my kid has been doing (remember when this daddy blog used to actually be about daddy-ing?), videos and more. Plus, I have a whole mess of killer giveaways that are still sitting in a suitcase somewhere at our temporary abode. The PR world HATES me right now. PR reps for Nokia, Adobe, Poingo, Toon Books, Esquire Books, Roxio, Sensa and RCA are probably better friends right now, united in their shared displeasure for "that Busy Daddy guy."

... to real traffic.

In my absence, I noticed my traffic actually increasing! By 2,000 unique visitors a month. Maybe not posting actually makes the blog world fonder of me.

Maybe not. I just found out that it's all guys looking for pictures of Amy Adams. She's mine, guys. Go away.