They Should Slap a Warning Label on this Band

"Severe wheezing may ensue, due to excessive funnies. Do not combine this show with alcohol. Unless you don't mind making a complete fool of yourself, so much so that your wife and friends go to this show with you 3 times in the span of 18 months just to see you get a near seizure."

You know when you go to a karaoke bar and some guy gets up and sings "Like a Virgin" and you roll your eyes because it is simply not funny? These guys are not him. They are the opposite of him. Wear your kid's Pull-Ups if the Dan Band ever rolls through your town. You WILL pee your pants, and you WILL thank me profusely for recommending them to you.

The Dan Band does covers of "chick songs" -- songs made famous by the great chanteuses of our time: Bonnie Tyler, Wilson Phillips, Irene Cara, Salt n Pepa, Shakira... snickering yet? Then you get it. 

The beauty of the Dan Band is that they don't just sing the songs. They OWN them. They own them hard. When most funny people sing chick songs, they do one of two things. They sing them like a girl, or they sing them way too manly. Both are funny once. But not for an hour. The Dan Band will make you laugh for an hour. Maybe its Dan's deadpan Clark Kent backup singers/dancers Gene and John, or the artfully choreographed dance moves or Dan's use of profanity inserted in just the right places (gratuitous swearing is annoying; skillfully applied fu*kens are an art form). In fact, the Dan Band is known best for their interpretation of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" -- and I need you now tonight, I f$#kn need you more than ever. Does that ring a bell? Yes, you probably saw Dan singing that in the Will Ferrell movie Old School.

Enough talk. I found some clips you'll enjoy. They do most songs in medley format, which keeps the surprises coming at you in rapid succession. Genius. This medley includes Genie in a Bottle, No Scrubs and Slave for You.This clip has beeped out profanity.

This is them doing Flashdance and Fame.This clip has profanity that's not beeped out (in case your kids are around).