These Internet Friends of Mine

Part I: Weaselmomma Goes to Hollywood

“Are you game?”

That’s how it all started. My friend Weaselmomma was getting tired of running around picking up after 5 kids and a hubby and was ready to throw back a couple of cold ones. Funny, she thought of me. She made sure to iron out every detail via email prior to her visit:

“They do have Coors Light there right? If we go all high end drinking, and this is as high end beer as I go, I am a Stella girl. Or Blue Moon. Or Hoegarden on draft.”

And of course, the obligatory precautions:

“Did you warn your wife so that she doesn't think you have a girlfriend? Or are you going to play it off like you have a fan club now? Complete with freaky stalkers? I can't wait to see CA.”

Awesome. Freaky stalkers. Just how I like ‘em.

I eagerly awaited Weaselmomma’s arrival. When the doorbell rang I swung the door open and greeted her with open arms. But she slipped right through them.

Awkward first moment aside, I introduced her to the family. She was very gracious and volunteered to feed Krypto. Well, truth be told he was eyeing her in a “yummy homework” kind of way so we decided it was best that he put something else in his stomach.

Then I left her and Fury alone to get acquainted while I twittered checked some email. When I came back, Fury had eaten 4 spoonfuls of peanut butter.

“Fury, I said you could have ONE!”
“Weaselmomma said I could.”

[In her defense, this all took place back in September, way before the peanut butter recall. And she did ask me if he had peanut allergies.]

I really didn’t mind, but if Wife Swap has taught me anything, it’s that you have to blow every minor disagreement out of proportion to hold the audience’s interest. And since this post is longer than I expected, here you go:

Whereas I would have been content just hanging at the house and watching TV, d Wife, who is a much better host than I, suggested we take Weaselmomma out for a good time. And in Los Angeles, that means hanging with movie stars, of course!

And through my vast connections (i.e. Southern CA residents with a can of Coke get into Universal Studios for the kid’s price), I made it happen.

First, we met Shaggy:

“Hey, BusyDad, Shaggy isn’t a real celebrity.”
“Weaselmomma, he totally is! You out-of-towners crack me up.”

Then we swashbuckled our way to the front of the VIP line to hang with Zorro and his lady friend.

“Um, BusyDad, you mean the guy who is pretending to be Zorro is a celebrity?”
“Oh you naïve woman. This is the actual Zorro! Antonio Banderas merely played him. I’m doing you one better. Appreciate this!”

“BusyDad, I’m no fool. You said you would take me to see celebrities.”
“Ok, ok, I happen to know Tom Hanks. Wanna meet him? Would that make you happy?”
“YES! Now you’re talking!”

“BusyDad you totally suck. You think that’s funny don’t you? Are you making fun of my thickness?”
“Shhh! You’ll hurt Tom’s feelings. Just smile and say cheese!”

“Oh God. I need a beer.”
“Oh, THAT I can do, Weaselmomma. Let’s go to my favorite joint!”


Weaselmomma, it was a pleasure hosting you! I hope you come back and visit us soon. I’m tight with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear and that whole crew. I can make some calls.

Part II: Welcome to Busyville

Speaking of Mickey’s ‘hood, I was just there a couple weekends ago, chillin’ with another blog pal of mine, pseudonymingly known as Ms Maxwell from Welcome to Schaererville, or as I call her, JMax. Yes, I make up nicknames for my blog friends and adopt them without permission. They’re cool with it. I think.

Jmax is one of those people whom I’ve had to drag kicking and screaming into social media. I really don’t know why I enjoy doing that sort of thing, and I really don’t know why anyone puts up with me doing it.

Maybe it’s because if they do, they get to paddle kayaks with Fury?

And matching kayak uniforms to boot!

Or maybe it’s the LEGO lessons?

Or maybe it’s the “Beer with Busy” photo opp?

Whatever the motivation, I have to say it was a really kick ass time. Although we didn’t get to follow the original plan of actually going to Disneyland (rain) and had to settle for dinner at Downtown Disney, Blog Karma was on our side. We actually found a restaurant that didn’t have a 60 min wait; it had video games; it had Newcastle on tap; and Fury was a true blog kid professional. He was quick with the “only kids of bloggers say this stuff” lines, he wasn't a bit whiny or cranky (which is incredible since we were there till close to midnight), and he even indulged us with a signature Fury video moment.

Before I send you off to JMax’s post to read her account and watch the cool Fury video, I wanted to say thanks to JMax for a really fun time! And I don’t at all regret giving up my free tickets to the Affliction MMA event (Fedor vs Arlovski!) to hang out with you that night. Yes, you are THAT cool.

Oh, before I forget... people, if you’re on Twitter, please go follow JMax. Because kicking and screaming makes me laugh.

Now go watch JMax’s video of Fury pontificating on proper spitball technique.