There I Go Again

Wandering off to other blogs to post stuff. This time I've landed over at was started by one of my oldest friends, Lolita Carrico (old as in I've known her longest, not the old that gets you bonked over the head for pointing it out).

She started a website back in 2001 (the dark times, before blogs as we know them even existed). has since grown to become quite an immense online community of 250,000+ moms.

And me.

I'm kicking off their ModernDads section (right now it's just a blog, but if they can pull off what they are trying to pull off, this is going to be huge). Please check out my first post. It's about life as a dad in this day and age, where everything is so different, yet totally the same.

If you survive the log-in process, please leave me some comment love so that the higher ups over there believe me when I tell them I actually do have readers.

Thank you much!