The Road to Heaven Has a Hopping Lane

So d Wife and Fury had Good Friday off. The food court at the mall seemed a good a place as any to conduct some religious edumacation.

d Wife: So, Fury, do you know why today is Good Friday?
Fury: Why?
d Wife: Today is the day Jesus died. When God first made people, they were being bad and he wanted to blow them all up, but his son Jesus said wait, dad, let me go down to earth...

[5 more minutes of Sunday School stuff that I can never remember...]

d Wife: ... so then on the 3rd day, Jesus' disciples went to the cave to find his body and it wasn't there. So then they went back home and there he was preaching. And then later the angel came and picked him up and took him to heaven. So we celebrate Easter because that's the day Jesus rose from the dead and saved us from our sins.

Fury: Oh... so the first animal to go to heaven is the bunny??

My son. Keepin' it relevant.