The disclosure, the whole disclosure and nothing but the disclosure (and a little organic fruit snacking goodness)

Some people think "sponsored campaign" is a dirty phrase. I don't. In fact, without these, I would probably let this blog languish its way down the SEO relevancy ladder. My life has been so crazy busy lately that the last thing on my mind is updating my little piece of the internet. Mainly because I write slow. If I commit to a post, that's an entire night, shot (I have to wake up in 3 hours to catch a plane, in fact). I tell you, contracts and beer money are the only thing keeping this blog alive. And it's less the money part than the "here's a topic - write about it" part. It is so much easier to write a post with a writing prompt (pronounced con-trakt) than to just pick something out of thin air. I'm horrible at finding things in thin air. I'm really good at just doing what people tell me. I'd be the gold star earner at labor camp that all the other prisoners hated. Funny thing about this campaign -- I didn't realize it was a paid gig until after I said yes. It involved a trip to NYC and a day in front of the camera. Ever since I tried out for Karate Kid part 4 in college for the role of "thug #5" and didn't get it (true story), I've hungered for my day on the screen, any screen. The compensation part was my "oh damn, for real?" moment. Don't tell their PR firm this because I had to fake that I expected to get paid once they told me ("oh, yes. That amount should be workable, since I really like your product and want to help you out."). Accidental money rules, as does healthy fruit-based squeeze pouch snacking.

FTC disclosure statements are my superpower. In fact, I think I'm going to be the first person in blogging history to make his disclosure statement his enitre post. If you couldn't tell from the artfully crafted picture above, I was chosen by Happy Family to be one of their Bright Side Bloggers. As part of the deal, they flew me out to New York and filmed me recounting my various mealtime adventures with my kids. While I did this, they had an improv comedy gang act out random skits inspired by my words. See? You'd do it theoretically for free too! They also sent me home with a ton of their snacks -- all organic, and truthfully, all pretty damn good. I mean, nothing beats a cold beer, but I actually found myself consuming convenient squeeze packs of organic fruit puree goodness througout my time in NYC. 

Look ma, no beer! Also, I am eating how the astronauts eat. Squeeze packs: It's not just for babies anymore. Anyway, they are still editing the videos and mine should be done soon. That (and cuter pics of my kids enjoying the product we got to take home) will come in a post I will publish in a few days. Yes, I said a few days, not a few months, as has been par for the course lately. Amazing what organic fruits and contracts can achieve. Stay tuned!