The OneDay App is really a diabolical time machine disguised as an easy movie maker

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Don’t be fooled! There’s an app out there called the OneDay App. It’s this free app that supposedly helps you create really cool “interview” movies of your loved ones answering questions without requiring any editing skills whatsoever. In fact, you do it all via your smartphone. They asked me to try it out and even compensated me for it (for those of you more comfortable with legalese, “the following post is a sponsored piece of content” and for those more comfortable with Jim-ese “I played with a wicked cool app and will now entertain you with content I made with it while I enjoy this beer that I didn’t have to pay for and I think that’s a win-win, don’t you?”).  After I said ok, I discovered too late that this app is actually an ultra powerful time machine and you should use it at your own risk! Since I was committed to writing something, consider the following post my expose on this perilous time traveling piece of techno-wizardry!

It started out just fine. I downloaded the app to see what it was all about. As they promised, it was pretty easy. You can choose from a number of question sets (divided into seasonal, and then life stages such as baby/toddlers and kids, all the way to older folks).  Since Lessi was within arm’s reach, I sat her down and began to interview her, using the “Personality” question set under the Babies/Toddlers section. I hit the record button as each question flashed across the screen. When I was done recording her answers, the app strung the questions, answers and even background music together into a coherent video that I could now share on social media or email. 

Related aside: I have Super8 camcorder videotapes of Fury from age 3-6 that are still sitting in a box waiting to be edited and sent around to relatives. He’s 12 now. 

Lessi, however, won the technology game and now has this to show for it:

One good video deserved another. Here’s Lilz, showing us her comedic acting chops:

Wicked awesome right? Well, I got bold and started perusing some other question sets. Being over 40, I decided to check out the interview “About Your 40’s and 50’s” under the adult section. However, instead of turning the camera on myself, I decided to experiment on Fury and TXU. This is when things took an unexpected turn. All of a sudden, lightning bolts hit the clocktower, a phone booth with George Carlin appeared, and these two guys emerged. Since I had the app open, I decided “why the hell not?” and let the camera roll.

Who knew that jumping to age forty gave you a southern accent?

Since their answers at 40 were definitely more entertaining than any stories I could regale you with, I decided to move on. If asking the boys questions for 40 year olds jumped them forward in time, that meant that asking myself questions meant for a baby would…

If you watched the above video, you are more starved for entertainment than I thought. Also, I am sorry.

Crazy can’t-unseeable time travel moments aside, one thing’s for sure. The OneDay App is simple to use, and when kids (and grown-ups too, I guess) grow as fast as they do, catching all that in a fun, scrapbooky format is the best way to make sure that you don’t have to resort to time machines to remember days and memories gone by. Right now OneDay just published its Christmas questions set. I know you haven’t gotten around to sending your cards out yet. Don’t fret – make a video instead and send it around. You’re welcome. Will someone now please soak my binky in JD?

The FTC would like me to remind you that this indeed was a sponsored post, to which you just undoubtedly said to yourself “they PAID for that?” and went and downloaded it because you felt so bad for OneDay, but then kept using it because wow SO EASY and SO COOL.