Because we never turn down Star Wars reviews

Tis the season for holiday product reviews! But don't worry, I only review things if I can make the review entertaining (loosely defined), or if it's Star Wars related. Whew, now the pressure's off if you hate this video. I love making my own rules.

Today, Fury and I review two Star Wars things:

Millennium Falcon: A 3-D Owner's Guide

Roomates Peel & Stick Clone Wars Wall Decals

Go ahead, click the links. I don't earn any money off them. And as long as we're in a disclosing kind of mood, I make no money off this review. I did get free product though. But really, if you count the fact that I spent my entire Sunday filiming and editing for a free book and some stickers, it proves that I just work for your admiration, and nothing more. Actually, I thought it was a really good lesson for my kid, too. I couldn't take him to the park today because we had to shoot. When he got all whiny about it, I said "Nothing in life is free, kid. You like getting all this free stuff? You have to work for it. Now go sit in that cockpit and kick this thing into hyperspace." Yes, there is a real Millennium Falcon cockpit in this video. Now will you please just watch it already?

Oh, for your troubles, I've arranged a couple giveaways, too. Leave me a comment and I'll put you in a drawing for Thursday 9pm PST. You could win one of three (3) Millennium Falcon books or a prize pack of giant Clone Wars wall decals.

Good enough?