Still Reeling

I still can't believe I made it to the Blogher conference (ok, so I just went to the party...). Did I really get to meet these "blog friends" of mine in person? People whom I've viewed as both celebrities (after all, I do stalk them on a regular basis) and as friends? If my camera serves me correctly, I did. But my brain isn't as quick on the detox these days (you know, I'm literally getting older by the day! As in tomorrow, I will be ... anyone? anyone? Happy Birthday to... anyone? anyone?  On July 22, 1972 this really cool busy dude was born... anyone? anyone?).

So in everyone's best interest, I will take a little breather and do some rehashing. I've been meaning to do a "Best of" list on my sidebar for a while and this weekend showed me how useful something like this can be. If all you can muster is "er... um... *hic*" when a new acquaintance asks the question "what posts should I read?" You need to do one of two things: lay off the cocktails, or have a list.

Here's a list:

If Jeopardy Were Written by Parents

(Toy) Breaking News

What Ever Happened to "Girls Have Cooties"??

Knocking Out My Demons

Homies on a Train

Iron Chef Fury

Such Sweet Sorrow

Darwin Would Be Proud

Crossing Over

Respeqt my Intelleqt, Qid!

A few parting words...

To my mom blogger friends: you are all as brilliant, witty, hawt, nice and real (as in "keeps it..") as your blogs say you are. No "MySpace" effect there at all. 

To my sister (Auntie Mei): thanks for mobilizing all your resources to take care of Fury for a couple days at the last minute. Best birthday present ever.

To d Wife: thank you for letting me go up to San Fran to meet these "blogging people" when I was supposed to be taking care of Fury while you're at your tradeshow. Put an "est" at the end of all the descriptions above, and that is you.