Spreadsheets are like Zen to me (giveaway winner announcement)

A good spreadsheet makes sense of the world. It gives every data point a reason to exist. It is the matrix, defined, contained and tangible.

Within these rows and columns exists power. The power to decide who actually got a return on investment for watching my Saw video and completing the challenges I put forth. I thank all of you who participated. It is cool readers like you who enable me to host these giveaways in the first place. Without you, I am blogging into a void. The void is buzzkill. The void doesn't thank me and say that I'm awesome when random.org chooses it to win an Xbox.

But I ramble... let's get to the winners, shall we?

Tony Hawk Shred for Wii: Gnilleps
Battle Machines: Rebecca
Atari Greatest Hits for Nintendo DS: Otter321 of Life of a New Dad (who granted me a redneck pass earlier this year) and JasKerr
Aerial7 Headphones: Zakary of Raising Colorado (I just call her Grasshopper)
Me and Goji custom cereal: Austin
Xbox Kinect: Becky of The Violet Fig (Who happens to be a fan of my rappin skillz. Good things come to those who endure my karaoke.)

Thanks for playing! If I get around to making the home edition of the BusyDad Game Show, I'll send a copy to everyone who entered my contest. It's hours of enjoyment in the comfort of your own home.

Winners will be emailed. I'm just posting this because it'll buy me a few days to think of something interesting to write...