Sooo Money

"Fury, you look so cool!"
"Maybe it'll lure Fiona back?"

(poor kid... the love of his life, Fiona, moved to Chile when he was 4)

You know who else is money?


Yes, you. My dear readers. Because of you (and your high threshold for my vote whoring pimping), I won a spot on the Hot Blogger Calendar! Thank you all so so much. There were like 130+ guys on the list. The fact that I made it doesn't speak so much of my actual hotness, but more of how truly down for me you all are. Look at the final twelve. There are some big timers on there. With easily 10x my readership. But thanks to you, I hung in there and pulled it off. So mathematically speaking, you must have recruited your peripherals to help the cause. As is only proper, this is where I thank your co-workers, the poor souls on your email fwd list and, of course, your wonderful grandmas.

Know what else is cool? Fatherhood is getting its due props as a thing of hotness in this first-ever Hot Bloggers Calendar. Fellow Blogher-crashing daddy blogger Backpacking Dad will also be making the trip to NYC for our little calendar shoot.

Now the question is, what should the theme of my picture be? I'm thinking like Atlas, but with the new Lego Death Star, of course...