Sometimes Busy and Dad Just Don’t Mix

Hey there. I’m still on hiatus. I, um, just forgot to turn the iron off. Oh, there it is. I guess I never turned it on. Silly me. Bye... What’s that? You want a post? Oh fine, twist my arm.

A two-working parent household can be a logistical nightmare. Flipping a coin to decide who uses a personal day when the kid gets sick, putting off any household chores or errands until Saturday (and having to complete them by the end of Sunday), leaving the dogs to their own devices during the day, missing The People’s Court. Granted, you gain the financial benefit and stability that come with a dual income stream, but it really sucks sometimes.

Like today.

Fury asked us last week if we would be going to his first grade “Turkey Tango Thanksgiving Feast.” I assumed this was some kind of song and dance routine where our adorable little ones would be decked out in construction paper headdresses, pilgrim belts and turkey feathers, painstakingly artisaned with safety scissors and assembled over four art classes. I also assumed that this would take place at night. Wrong. It would take place smack dab in the middle of the workday.

“WTF!?” I thought. Don’t schools realize that parents work? I can’t take off what will amount to at least a half day just to indulge the public school system’s sorry excuse for parental involvement. And on top of that, they shut down the school cafeteria for this “feast.” I had to pack Fury a lunch that day. Really?

I was pissed that the school system put me in the position of bad guy when I had to break it to Fury that I had a meeting I couldn’t miss, and that mom had month-end reconciliations that she had to complete for her work. Fury took it totally in stride. Because he is used to it rocks.

So today was “Turkey Tango” day. I got up and tried my best to remember what I used to pack Fury for lunch before we entrusted him to the public school cafeteria system (don’t judge! I have no time.) Ok, let’s see... we have our protein item, fruit, whole wheat... ok, I got this.

As I sent him out the door, I apologized again that mom and I could not join him today, gave him a kiss and said goodbye. A few minutes later, as I was going through my leaving-the-house routine, I saw a pile of stuff Fury had brought home from school. d Wife had reminded me check it for any announcements or news that the teacher may have thrown in. So I sifted through it.

And found this:

He hadn’t even bothered to give it to us. I drove to work feeling queasy. And then I remembered that I forgot to pack him dessert. Somebody Ctrl+Alt+Delete me, please.