Some Hot Webcam Action

I like to play with fire. And utensils. So does MrLady. Wanna join us?

While we can't get all TSA on you, if you register for our live cooking class on Wed, March 16, we'll try to stimulate something. Hopefully it's your desire to cook. At 8pm EST, MrLady and I are going to be hosting a live video cooking class on the web called "Cooking with Dad." Part of Cooking Connections, the online cooking school series sponsored by ConAgra Foods and hosted by, this segment was originally meant for dads, but we realized that it's really meant for anyone who wants to turn up the culinary charm, but is afraid to do much more than make a one-inch slit in cellophane and set the microwave for 5 minutes.

In this class, we'll show you how to cook the same "fancy" meal in two distinct styles: Asian and Western. We promise that it will be easier than you ever imagined. However, we can't promise that I won't break into my Yan Can Cook impression. Distracting you from our awkward pauses will be our wonderful co-hosts, who will be chiming in via live text chat on the show page to keep you informed and entertained:

Julie of Angry Julie Monday
Mishelle Lane of Secret Agent Mama
Ashley Evans of Schadenfreudette
Tanis Miller of Attack of the Redneck Mommy
Dan Deguia of
Lotus Carroll of Sarcastic Mom
Melanie Sheridan of Mel, a Dramatic Mommy
PJ Mullen of Real Men Drive Minivans
Momo of Momo Fali
Robin Sue Joss of Big Red Kitchen
Eddie Carroll of Life One Pixel at a Time

While we've got the cooking thing covered, we do need your help to fill the hour. We've decided to go with SNL style commerical breaks created by YOU. If you want to submit a commercial (it can be for anything, but keep it to 30 sec 60 seconds* [really Busy Dad, you never ever should have given Mr Lady keys to your blog. Just sayin.], stay PG-13 and don't piss off the sponsor, duh), just film it before Wed, March 16, upload it to Vimeo and let us know where to find it. We'll play them throughout the hour and have the audience choose their favorites. The top 3 vote getters will each win a gift basket from ConAgra Foods.

Hope to see you then!

Register for "Cooking with Dad" here.

*Life Lesson 327 from Mr Lady: You want something done right? Do it yourself.