I may have looked skyward and said "finally!!" when you opened the box, unfolded the instructions and did not ask me to "build this now please!"


And I may have sat next to you and opened my laptop to "blog" and reminded you nonchalantly to "ask me if you need help." And I may have even said 20 times "Fury, I am so proud of you! You are building that Lego set all by yourself!"

Because I was.


And I was genuinely amused when you added your own twist to the final product.


Cirque du Battle Droid?

But listen here, son. I still have a good 8 years before you can tell me to drop you off 3 blocks from school so you can make your solo entrance unaccompanied by your crazy old dad. Until then, you need me. I mean, I'm no Justin Quan (the youngest kid on team Lego who also happens to be the Bionicle speed-building champion)...


Actually, I really could have used Justin's help around Xmas time.

But what your old man lacks in speed, he makes up in insanity dedication.  Oh, and I have a credit card. And not all sets say "ages 6 and up."

Just sayin'...