Smart Ad Execs Choose Cartoon Network

“Hey Dad, we need to get a pancake puffer.”
“It’s not a toy, Fury, that’s for grownups.”
“Yeah Dad, I know! But I want you to get it.”
“I don’t need a pancake puffer.”
“Oh Daaaad … did you know you can make delicious pancake puffs filled with all your favorite fillings?”

Well hot damn! Empty the favorite fillings shelf and grab my credit card!

* * * * *

For my birthday, my sister bought me a box of Mighty Putty…

“Does this stuff really work?”
“Yeah, Dad, it fixes everything and sticks to anything!”
“Oh yeah? And how are you so sure?”
“Because the loud dude on TV said so.”

Did anyone check Billy Mays’ resume? I’m pretty sure this was his job prior to hitting the infomercial circuit: