Saturday Night Absentee Meme

My wicked pissa blog friend Madame Meow of A Glance into a Mom's World wanted to know the Top 10 Celebrities whom I would like to know in a "Biblical Fashion." Since weekends were made for blog hopping under the influence, I thought this was a good a time as any for this kind of thing (I mean, alcohol makes us all a little biblical, doesn't it?). Unfortunately, I have a real-world commitment tonight. SO... I am turning off the comment moderation button so you all can drop comments freely while I am out getting sloshed in the real world. So be nice! Wait... what am I saying? That would go against all the principles of Weekend Blog Hopping. Say what you want. Surprise me, because I will be reading this upon my return.

In no particular order:

I can't resist a chick with a guitar. Girls who can rock win my complete adoration -- and it helps if they look as cute as this:

Michelle Branch

Add to that a dash and a half of bad-ass, and you get her:

Liz Phair

And let's say you spilled that bottle of bad-ass all over the floor. That's ok. You get this treat:

Kat Von D of LA Ink

Ok, you've got a bad-ass hangover. Let's get our equilibrium back with a whole lotta country sweetness. Oh, she's Sunday brunchlicious!!

Martina McBride

Ok, now that I'm feeling good. I need some exercise. She can take me in 3 sets... or more.

Maria Sharapova

Am I just being too naughty here? So sue me. Please? I'd agree in a heartbeat to have our dispute settled. In her forum:

Judge Marilyn Milian of The People's Court

And now I am at a loss for transitions. Her beauty just dumbfounds me. But feel free to add your own Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon joke:

Zhang Ziyi

BUT, I would drop ALL of these in a heartbeat for this girl next door. Maybe I've spent too much of my life in a cubicle. Whatever the origin of my total head-over-heels obsession with her, I know that I'd even be happy living in a refrigerator box with her in some Downtown alley...  

Jenna "I Love BusyDad" Fischer (I just want my name associated with her somehow on Google)

HEY wait! That's only 8...

FURY, come here! Help your dad out please!!

Li'l Fury's celebrity puppy love:

The other day I happened upon my son totally mesemerized by something on TV:


Looks like he's got the "I love bad-ass chicks" gene too:

Clover from Totally Spies

And now, thanks to his other celebrity crush, we have drama every night at bedtime because he laments the fact that we don't live in Australia:

Bindi the Jungle Girl

 So, there you have it! The men of the BusyDad household have spilled their guts. If anyone has any connection to Jenna Fischer or Bindi Irwin, please let us know. We would be forever in your debt. Happy hopping!