Rollin' on tha Eastside... the Far Eastside

My dear readers, may I present to you my pièce de résistance! Two weeks in the making, 3 days in the production room, and I even learned how to use real editing software that I had to pay for (Magix Movie Edit Pro 12). All in an effort to properly bring you my China experience.

This video captures all (well, almost all) my adventures in China, from everyday scenes in Harbin, to dining, working and shopping. Then, we visit the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park, followed by 2 days of messing around in my new favorite city in the world, Shanghai.

In the spirit of fairness, I have to tell you it's 26 minutes long, so watch it in pieces if you must. But I promise you, I pulled out all the stops to make this video as interesting, educational and entertaining as possible (lots of short snippets and clips - ideal for blogger ADD).