Out To Lunch

Hi folks. This is Jim. This blog is my life, but so is paying bills 'n stuff (does the apostrophe go before or after?). And the paying bills n' stuff (hedging my bets on that apostrophe) requires me to do dirty things like work. And when work piles up, blog neglect guilt consumes me. Until I can't do my work that well. And then I worry that if I don't do my work well, I won't have a job that enables me to pay bills n stuff (covering ALL the apostrophe bases, fool).

So it is with much regret that I hang this sign up and say I gotta leave for a little while. Like the dude in Kung Fu. But when I come back, it'll be with much skillz. And maybe a bonus check from my work because I'm kicking so much work ass.

Don't fret. It's only gonna be like 2 weeks or so. I hope.

(WeaselMomma is gonna kill me because I've owed her my "Flat WeaselMomma Adventures" post for what, a month now?)

In the meantime, you can keep up with my daily antics on Twitter and Twitpic.