One more week

This used to be my office. I had a nice desk, some books, my guitars and privacy. The desk is now in the living room. Those books fetched a good quarter each at my sister's dragon boat team yardsale. Those guitars are now wall displays in my bedroom, a Hardly Rock Cafe of sorts. My privacy? My very own bathroom key at work is nothing to scoff at.

I guess this is an example of eminent domain on a micro-economic level. Well, I have to admit, an Espresso crib and dresser set is less of an eyesore than an expressway.

It's not that I like to create flower motifs on baby bedroom walls. It's simply that if you're going to stick decorative flowers on a wall near a window, at least take the time to make it look nice and flowy, so as to mimic the gentle kissing of velvety petals by a coy spring breeze. Right? Bro?

I didn't do this one. d Wife did this. Because I was pounding brews and playing poker with the Sopranos at the time. I totally wasn't measuring string and tying loops.

Ah, who am I kidding... bring on the tea party. Yes, the one with the pinkies.

One. More. Week.