On your tenth birthday

10 years ago today, I discovered the difference between being alive and living. Living means that you take every opportunity you can to steal a chuckle.

Living means sharing the things you love with those you love, even if they can't quite stand on their own yet.

It means shouldering the burden, every once in a while. And making your chiropractor rich in the process.

And rocking on with your bad selves, whenever and wherever possible.

Living also means passing on valuable life skills, like an intimidating staredown.

Or the ways of the Force.

And realizing that making a mess is half the fun, no matter what you're trying to do...

But that cleaning up well will get you far in life.

Living also means knowing that some rules were meant to be broken (this is us visiting the temple where my dad's ashes rest - and bringing some JD to pour one for our homie).

Most of all, it's about knowing that one day you will pass the baton to your lion cub and stand proud as he carves his own path over the one you have started together.

Happy 10th birthday, son!


Your biggest fan.