No Post-Enhancing Drugs Were Used

100 Things About Me

  1. I can’t get myself to type LOL. I much prefer HAHAHA. I feel it captures the sentiment much more effectively.
  2. I have sprained both my ankles really badly at least 12 times in my lifetime (requiring crutches). It all started in 2nd grade when my foot got stuck in a tree root as I was running full speed. If I were a horse, I’d be staring down the barrel of a shotgun.
  3. When I was a kid, I collected pens, and gave myself the badass nickname, “The Pen.”
  4. My political career peaked in high school. I was class president in 9th, 10th and 11th grade. Then I was elected student body president in 12th grade. Then in college I discovered beer.
  5. I take my coffee black.
  6. I take my whiskey neat.
  7. I like my sake unfiltered.
  8. I like my Coke Diet.
  9. I’m not afraid to drink tap water.
  10. I like my steak medium rare, or rare if I trust the restaurant. Ribeye. Bone in.
  11. I hate white meat. Dark meat rules. Chicken skin rules too.
  12. I don’t often eat fish, unless I caught it myself. Except for Chilean Seabass. I know it’s endangered. To me that just means I have to eat it like there’s no tomorrow. Yeah, I said it.
  13. I talk too much about food.
  14. Cooking is a passion of mine.
  15. I’m pretty good at “reverse engineering” any dish I come across.
  16. But I can’t bake for crap. I just don’t “get it.”
  17. I love to read cookbooks. I can read them all day long. But I seldom follow recipes. I just get ideas from them and improvise from there.
  18. Nothing brings me joy like a well sharpened chef’s knife.
  19. I still haven’t found a way to look cool while running down stairs (I try daily).
  20. I was scared of Irish people when I was young (my town was probably 90% Irish).
  21. But I loved Italian people (the Italian kids were nice to me).
  22. I don’t think there’s a better feeling in the world than having a kid look up to you.
  23. I don’t think there’s a creepier feeling in the world than having a kid look down at you. Not saying anything. In the dark. While you are sleeping.
  24. I like my French Toast really crispy on the outside, and soggy on the inside.
  25. I love chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.
  26. I used to wear glasses with no-prescription lenses just to look intellectual. Then I really needed them, which made me happy. Then my eyes cured themselves, which made me happy again because I was over that phase.
  27. I can’t throw a football worth a damn. Can someone teach my kid to do this properly?
  28. That’s probably why I was a bike racer in high school. Before Lance made it kind of cool. Unfortunately.
  29. No! I am NOT good at math!
  30. My favorite superhero is Iron Man. And I claimed that way before I knew they were making an Iron Man movie.
  31. In high school, I had a dozen separate fish tanks that I maintained throughout the house.
  32. I have a recurring dream that the fish are swimming out of their tanks into the air and if I don’t catch them all in time they will die.
  33. Since I started shaving my head in May 2000, I have saved $3600 in haircuts. Now if I only remembered where I put it...
  34. My upper torso houses a bunch of tattoos, all hidden when I assume my secret identity as “mild mannered corporate dude.”
  35. I was born and raised in Boston, and spent 25 years of my life there, but I have never once visited Martha’s Vineyard.
  36. The first time I was ever stung by a bee was on the tongue. I was eating a burger that he happened to have landed on.
  37. If I were allergic, that would have been the end of me. Instead I got to spend the next day eating nothing but ice cream.
  38. I am very disinterested in watching professional sports unless it involves bodily harm from punching, kicking or choking.
  39. I’m really good at trivia games. Except for the sports questions. See above for reason.
  40. I’d be happy just spending the rest of my days catching fish and drinking beer.
  41. I’ve been working on this damn list for months.
  42. It is very hard to think of 100 random things.
  43. I feel guilty that I just cheated you out of 3 facts.
  44. No I don’t.
  45. Before I started blogging, I had never read a single blog.
  46. I realize now how much I was missing out on.
  47. But now I have a new bane of my existence: unread posts on my Google Reader.
  48. I really need to start saving for my retirement.
  49. States I have been to (not counting airport layovers): MA, CA, WA, TX, FL, TN, CT, NH, VT, ME. RI. NY, PA, NC, KY, IL, NV, DC.
  50. Countries I have been to (not counting airport layovers): France, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Canada, Mexico
  51. I miss my 84 Camaro.
  52. Nothing pairs better with an 84 Camaro than AC/DC.
  53. Can you get more 80’s “Boston suburb” than the above? Sorry, this wasn’t really a fact. Boxers of briefs? Boxer briefs. There’s your fact.
  54. I have a huge noggin. I can’t wear normal hats. Maybe kickboxing wasn’t the best choice of sports for me.
  55. I regret that I cannot speak Chinese in any coherent manner.
  56. When I was young, I could speak it fluently.
  57. That is a major head start in life that I just pissed away.
  58. It serves as a convenient excuse as to why I am not as successful as I’d like to be.
  59. These are the movies I can’t shut off if I happen to catch them on TV: Pulp Fiction, Best in Show, Shawshank Redemption.
  60. My favorite shows as a kid: Electric Company, The Monkees, Brady Bunch and The Dukes of Hazzard.
  61. I love business travel.
  62. I got my eyebrow pierced when I met d Wife because she told me she liked it. Not a great idea when you spend a few days a week wrestling, punching and doing other stuff that causes face-to-hard-surfaces friction.
  63. My mom wanted a daughter when I was born. She solved that by dressing me up as a girl and strolling me through the park, basking in all the “ohh, what a cute little girl!” compliments she’d get from the old ladies.
  64. She still has pics.
  65. The first PG-13 movie I ever saw was Red Dawn. In fact, I believe it was the first movie ever given that rating. Someone should check that for me.
  66. The first rated R movie I ever saw was The Jerk.
  67. How or why I remember the above two facts is a mystery.
  68. The first tape I ever bought on my own was a K-Tel mix tape called Radioactive.
  69. Those were the days when The Who—You Better You Bet—and The Commodores— (Lady) You Bring Me Up—could appear on the same album.
  70. I think song titles with parentheses are funny.
  71. I love Star Wars toys. Ok, I love all things Star Wars.
  72. But I am not a science fiction or fantasy fan. I don’t like anything else associated with that psychographic.
  73. I’m serious. I really don’t. I don’t even like Harry Potter and I have never read nor seen Lord of the Rings.
  74. I used to carve my own fishing lures and tie my own flies in high school. I wanted to start a fishing company.
  75. My favorite event of the year that still gives me excitement jitters is the Fishing Expo.
  76. I haven’t gone in a good 10 years. That needs to change.
  77. I don’t watch Monster Jam (monster truck league) solely to bond with my son.
  78. But that’s what I tell adults.
  79. I played the violin, trombone and piano when I was a kid.
  80. Trombone was fun. Didn’t like the violin or piano. At all.
  81. I just lost my job. Anyone need a Marketing Director with 10 years of online marketing experience?
  82. Know anyone who needs a Marketing Director with 10 years of online marketing experience?
  83. I am a wine dunce. I can’t make heads or tails of a wine label.
  84. I was a straight A student as a kid. Except for conduct. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.
  85. The best concert I ever went to was Guns ‘n Roses and Soundgarden, 1991 at the Worcester Centrum. 4th row.
  86. My favorite store in the world since I was 10 is Bass Pro Shops.
  87. I love Vegas. But I don’t really gamble. I just like to walk the streets with an open container of alcohol. It is extremely liberating.
  88. I don’t smoke, but I am totally against the “no smoking in bars” law. It just isn’t a bar without smoke.
  89. I am, however, totally for the “no smoking on restaurants” law. No one should ever be subjected to cigarette smoke while eating.
  90. I love cigars and hookah.
  91. I was into punk/hardcore in early high school. My favorite bands were Minor Threat, Government Issue, The Freeze, The Meatmen and the Descendents.
  92. Guns ‘n Roses changed all that. I became a dedicated hair metal fan after that. And have remained one ever since.
  93. I’m also a country music fan. Which seems totally odd. Until you break down the lyrics. Then it makes total sense.
  94. I also love classic Jazz. Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon... reminds me of sitting in some bar in New York City while it’s snowing out. Even though I have never experienced that in real life.
  95. Add old time vocalists to the list as well. Like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett.
  96. I guess it would have been easier to just list types of music I am not into.
  97. I don’t have a favorite color.
  98. I will wear uncomfortable footwear as long as it looks good. My wife won’t even do that.
  99. I sponsored a wild tiger under my sister’s name for her birthday one year. We didn’t make it through one progress report before she got a letter informing her it got poached. It was sad. But I could not stop laughing.
  100. I am officially Friend of Jack. Yes, folks, my Tennessee Squire Association papers arrived. I owe THE Mommy of MommyCosm a heartfelt thank you for asking her hubby to nominate me. If you are interested in knowing why this means so much to me, read this meme.

A big huge thank you to everyone who has read and supported the BDB! Reading your comments and decoding your IP addresses has kept me motivated like you wouldn’t believe. I really could not have asked for better fans, friends, lurkers and stalkers (if you're lurking, please come out today, even if you never type another comment again - I'd just love to know). It blows my mind the support I have received for this little chunk of the internet that I call home. I definitely would not have made it this far without your encouragement, friendship and support.

Also, huge props to Jeff Day, who brought all this madness into cartoon reality by creating the BusyDad Tales comic strip.

And who could forget the one guy who made this all possible. The superstar himself. My son, Fury. If you’ve even read one post, you’d know that this kid is my everything. He doesn’t just make me laugh. He makes me a better person. Just knowing that what I do will shape his life long after I am gone has changed the way I view myself and the world around me. Things matter now. What a wonderful way to look at life.

But I saved the biggest thank you for Lisa, or d Wife as she is affectionately known, for genuinely supporting all that I do with this blog, even if that means putting up with the fact that I can’t be more than 10 feet away from my laptop at all times, have to “check my comments” constantly, blog hop the weekend away, ask her to remember stuff “so I can blog it later,” and be in front of the computer at 1:56 am instead of sleeping by her side. I know in my heart you are my biggest fan, even though you roll your eyes at everything I do!