Next Comes "Can You Drop Me Off a Block Away?"

Sunday was spectacular. I'm sure that knowing Monday was a day off contributed to that sentiment, but getting up to catch the first matinee of Terminator Salvation with Fury definitely propelled the day into cyborg ass kickin' mode from the start.

After lunch, I took Fury with me to the dog park. The dog park in our neighborhood incorporates a huge fenced-in dog area with a playground next to it. Since I can't see the playground from the dog area, we brought along our walkie talkies so I could check on him every once in a while (an underrated parenting tool - one of my first posts ever was about these) . Once parked, we went our separate ways, me with the dogs and him with his scooter.

Being such a nice day, the dog park was pretty crowded. So I'm sure this brought a few glances my way:

*beep* "There are no survivors. Do you copy? I'll keep searching. Over." *beep*

Eh, what the hell, how often in life do you get to play the leader of a ragtag band of humans fighting the tyranny of robots hellbent on exterminating you and yours?

*beep* "Agent Fury, this is John Connor. Continue searching for human survivors and watch out for the T-600's. There's a lot of them in your area. Over." *beep*

*beep* "They're everywhere! I just killed 20 of them!" *beep*

*beep* "Keep me posted on your location and progress." *beep*

*beep* "I just found Kyle Reese!" *beep*

*beep* "Bring him back to headquarters! The resistance needs him. Good job Fury. Over and out." *beep*

For the next ten minutes or so, I chilled with the dogs (and also dropped my phone in Krypto's poop, which was fun), then decided it was time obtain another status report from the front lines.

*beep* "Agent Fury, what's the progress of the prisoner extraction. Are the Terminators still in your area? Over."

*beep* "Dad, I'm just playing right now." *beep*

*beep* "Oh ok. You're ok?" *beep*

*beep* "Yeah. Over and out." *beep*

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

A few more minutes passed, when I heard the thump-thump-thump of a low flying helicopter approaching. This was a golden moment not to be squandered...

*beep* "Agent Fury. Hunter-Killers on the horizon. They're headed your way!" *beep*

*beep* "They just tried to kill me! Luckily I wore my armor today!" *beep*

And with that, and a smile on my face, I went to round up the dogs. Once they were leashed and ready to go, I pushed the call button one more time.

*beep* "I'm returning to base, Agent Fury. It's time to end this mission." *beep*

No response.

*beep* "Agent Fury, this is John Connor. What's your 20?" *beep*


I made my way with the dogs toward the playground to pick up my errant soldier. As I got closer, I spied two figures in the distance. One, my boy on his scooter, the other, a little girl on a pink bike. As they came around the bend, I flagged Fury down.

"Time to head home, Fury. Hey, did you lose your walkie?"

"No, it's here," Fury said as he lifted his shirt to reveal the device clipped on his waistband.

"But it's not working... see? [pressing call button] Agent Fury, Agent Fury!"

At that very moment, I realized some things.

That the channel on his walkie had been switched from 1 to 29.

That the girl had stopped a little ways ahead, and was waiting for him.

That John Connor may have saved the human race from annihilation, but right now, he was totally salting Agent Fury's game.