Music Credits You'll Never See (alt title: Announcing

Jay-Z, featuring BusyD

I'm bad luck when it comes to collabo's.

Remember sometime last year when Mr Lady and I kicked off our advice blog? Looking back, it kicked ass. It was fun, and we dished out great advice. But two people who never shut up about stuff just couldn't find the mojo to keep, well, talking. It lasted about a year. But considering the Wright Brothers' first attempt lasted 12 seconds, I'd argue we're still on the path to greatness.

Around the same time, I teamed up Jeff Day, one brilliant author/MD and cartoonist to start a comics site called BusyDad Tales. It too rocked. But just kind of ran out of steam (I saved the comics - you can see them here).

Luckily, these two have memories like goldfish and have agreed to kick it with me one more time. But this time, it's different.

The kids are taking over.

It was only a matter of time before my kid started realizing that when you chatter incessantly in school you get sent to the principal's office, but when you do it online, you get sent boxes of free Legos. And when you form a mob with other kids of like mind, you can form an empire. Or at least a cool site you can show off to your friends.

Here's me, kicking him out of the nest. Fly, boy. Fly.

Kid Test Labs

Check it. Yo.