#Movember Update, Day 9: Asian henchman #6 in training

It's been 9 days since I started trying to coax some whiskers in the name of prostate cancer. Let me just say that I've been made fun of online as well as in public (I spoke at Blogworld like this!), but you know what? The weaker my facial hair, the more opportunity I get to tell people why I'm doing this. Besides the "I wanna look like an Asian bad guy from an 80's action flick," of course.

I know my other Movember teammates have been kicking some ass on the moustache front as well as the money raising front, and I'm falling painfully behind on both. So help an Asian bad guy out, won't you? My Movember donation page is here: http://us.movember.com/mospace/2051428/

And yes, I know that technically, goatees aren't allowed. However, I read the rules, and they clearly define a goatee as a moustache that connects with the beard. Seeing as I have zero follicles that can complete said connection, I'm well within the guidelines.

I also stopped cutting my hair. Anything to distract your vision from the struggle going on atop my lip is a public service to you. You're welcome.