Mom, I'm Not Gonna Tell You What It Is...

"... but it's made out of Legos, has petals and a stem. That's all I'm gonna tell you."

While Fury hasn't yet mastered the art of the Mother's Day gift hint, he does know his way around Legos. Better than I know my way around how to get a proper Mother’s Day gift, that’s for sure. Lucky for me, Joeprah was there to save the day. He advised me--Ok, so I straight up copied his gift (with his permission and blessing of course).

I know this post on Mother’s Day ideas is last minute, but I know kids and I know guys. If I posted this any earlier, it would have been forgotten by now. By timing it this way, someone may actually use some of these ideas. Desperation spawns action.

* * * * * 

Maybe YOU have red and green Legos lying around

MothersDayLego%20flowerjpg.jpgWhen I received an email from the folks at Lego last week about an easy Mother’s Day project, I thought “Gee, looks like a really fun idea” (see how I am totally maintaining my composure at the fact that I am now on LEGO’s PR list? Yes, I am a consummate professional). The note that came along with the instructions said “Little ones can build the rose with the LEGO bricks they have lying around the house.”

I looked around the house. Yes, we certainly have Legos lying around.


Two problems...

  1. Seeing as we mostly have Star Wars Lego toys, this rose would have to be brown and grey.
  2. Yes, we technically have the appropriately sized bricks, but that would mean I’d have to take some vehicles apart. And you all KNOW how that makes me feel.

So we improvised.


I’d say we made out pretty well. While a botanist would not be amused, Mom sure was! A Lego rose by any other configuration would smell just as sweet... or something.


Want to download the instructions to make a Lego Rose? Click here.

* * * * *

When all else fails, doctor it.

How timely that I learned of a cool website this week called Their email to me said “Oops! Scrambling for something to get your mom for Mother’s Day this Sunday?”

YES! Yes, I am! Well, actually I’m struggling with a gift for my wife, but let’s see what you got. is a very user-friendly site that lets regular folks (Photoshop Pimps need not click) upload and edit photos. You can make quick fixes, add effects (sepia, soften, vignette, etc.), add graphics/text and more. Then create cool e-cards with them. While this is certainly a great idea for kids, d Wife would probably kick my ass a little bit if I were to just give her an e-card. I’m clairvoyant like that.

But I did make the Lego rose a little rosier:


* * * * *

Make mom work for her gift.

Yeah, I said it! If you’re getting something from dad and the kids, at least move around a little. Breakfast in bed is so overrated. As the good folks at advised me, “Forgo the usual flowers and instead set up a fun Mother's Day Treasure Hunt from It’s easy to pull off and a great way to keep the kids engaged – if you can keep them from spilling the beans on the hiding spots! Mom gets lots of little gifts she'll love, while enjoying the day with the fam.” Mom was a kid once too, right?

This one looks fun too: the mom recipe. What’s mom made of? It would actually be quite amusing to see Fury try to capture the essence of mom in recipe form.

I checked out the rest of the site while I was there. is a great resource site with articles and activities to encourage learning with your child. Good stuff!!

My advice? Hedge your bets. Do these fun activities, but don’t “forgo the usual flowers” or else the recipe for mom might include 3 cups of “pissy.”

* * * * *

Finally, the Giveaway.

You all know and love Snapfish. I really don’t need to introduce them to you. And I know it’s too late for Mother’s Day. But who doesn’t love getting a trinket with their kid’s face on it? Anytime’s a good time for a photo bracelet or keyring.

Keep those in mind the next time you need to score some extra credit points. A gift like this given for no particular reason will actually score higher on the husband credit meter than when given on a special occasion. Just make sure it’s your kid’s picture and not yours. Your wife may have married you, but unless you look like Edward Norton (Hell, I'd wear Edward Norton), she won’t want to wear you.

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end. Leave me a comment (make sure to enter your email address in the email field) and I will pick 10 random winners to receive a Snapfish giftcard good for 50 free prints.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!