May We Have the Strength… (aka City of Wusses)

I don’t know how much longer I will be around to update you. This morning, I walked out the door into a freak natural calamity that may paralyze the City of Angels:


See that? No... there. No, towards the middle. No... that white stuff. No, no, no, next to the dirt. Yeah, right there.


That’s like snow, isn’t it? Southern California is paralyzed. As I drove to the train station this morning, my outside temperature gauge taunted me with digits I have never seen before (nor ever hope to see again): 43 degrees. I cursed myself for not packing a hypothermia blanket and 3 days’ rations. And panic has stricken the riders on the LA Metro. An actual conversation that just transpired between a Metro cop and some fellow riders:

Rider 1: Did you see all that ice this morning?
Rider 2: Unbelievable! I drove by so many accidents on my way here. Did you see the one up on Huntington?
Rider 1: You’re telling me! I pulled out of my driveway and almost lost it!
Metro Cop: Don't let anyone tell you different. We have winter in Southern California, that’s for real.

I send you my love. This could be my last transmission.