Little Pimpin, Vol. 1

If you can't pimp your blog friends, who can you pimp (without landing in jail)?
My roundup of contests, campaigns, carnivals, theme posts and anything else my blog friends are trying to make noise about.



  1. Blog for Education Day: June 20 - My friends April and Cablegirl are reaching out to parent bloggers to write about something that affects us all: education. Read their posts: here and here.
  2. Online Parenting Group: Ashley, aka BossSanders, started an online parenting group over at and needs 600 members to win a contest. Just sign up. You don't have to subscribe to 6 weeks of Entertainment Weekly or anything nutty like that. She just needs warm bodies. Don't we all.
  3. Easiest Contest Ever: Tyler from Building Camelot is making us jump through hoops again. Go to his site and subscribe to his feed. Or tell him you subscribe if you already do. I know, like we don't have other things to worry about! But he's a cool dude, and you could win $50. He's also hosting the next Manival. Sounds kinky.
  4. Mommy/Daddy Ink: Sunshine over at And The Pursuit of Happiness is doing something really cool. So cool, in fact, that I thought of it too. But she beat me to the punch, so I am participating in hers. Send her pics of your tattoos by June 1 and she'll feature you in a mix 'n match post where readers guess the owner. I sent mine in. You should too. And if you don't have a tattoo, go get one now! Do it for your blog!
  5. Send Maria to BlogHer: There's something immoral up in here, and that's the way I like it. Maria, everyone's favorite Immoral Matriarch was asked to be a speaker at this year's BlogHer convention. This is a good thing for the mom blogging world. A very good thing. Read about it here, and lend her your support.
  6. Prom Stories Wanted: You know you have one. Go over to Mommy's Martini and join the fun. She's hosting a prom story carnival on June 3. I'm considering posting mine. Considering. (No, it wasn't at all exciting. Just something I need to make good for because it was probably the single most inconsiderate thing I ever did.)
  7. Can you act as your own pimp? Because I need to get you guys over to my other site, Stark Raving Dads. Submit questions (moms, we're opening it up for you too!) because we're running low on blog fodder.