Like Studio 54 for Tots

The following post has been sponsored by the BusyDad in 09 Calendar Coalition. With less than 2 voting days remaining, I'm still in the race.  Thanks to all who voted for me, and mega thanks to those who have campaigned for me on their own blogs. The latest pimpage comes from a couple of bloggers whom I did not even know prior to the contest. Crazy cool, that. They deserve to be outed here:

Lisa from Sunny Spring Bliss explains why she thinks I should be one of the lucky 12. She's quite the foodie, which means she obviously has good taste.

Burn from Burned, Broken, But Still Awesome posted quite a compelling call to action on his blog. He thinks humor and an unspecified je ne sais quoi make me hot. Ain't nothing wrong with that. I'll be the first to admit that I get way more attention from boys than girls. 

And of course, there's one more campaign ad:

If that doesn't win your vote, I have nothing left.

* * * * *

And now back to our scheduled programming...

A few months ago, Fury and I attended the birthday party of d Wife's favorite kid in the world besides Fury. Remember this kid from our Disneyworld trip? His name is Jack. I don't think anyone will ever forget that party. It wasn't the fact that they rented out a cool children's museum. It wasn't that fact that the food was superb (tenderloin at a birthday party?). It wasn't even the fact that the caterers snuck Newcastle into the facility just for me.

It was the trough. Filled to the rim. With sugar.

I got your Bouncing Powder right here.

Remember that last scene from Scarface?

Is that pure Jamaican laced with Cinnamon? Move over, kiddos!