Leap of Faith #5: Let's Get Comical

Leap%20Of%20Faith%2008.jpgI hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s Leap of Faith Friday posts. I had a ton of fun sharing them with you all. Before I leap for the 5th and final time, I want to thank two of the coolest gals in Blogville, Christine at Chicken Fried Therapy and Piper at Bliss in Bloom. Christine was the mastermind behind the Leap, and without her urging, I never would have posted video of me losing a fight, and definitely not one of me singing. As some of you may have seen from her comment, my own mother didn’t even know that I like to strum ‘n sing. It was also the first time d Wife saw me doing both at once in any coherent manner. And Piper? Piper has been on Team BD since day 1. I honestly think half my traffic is generated from Piper pimpin’ me across the ‘net. You rock, Piper! Piper and I were the first Leapers with Christine and what a month of leaps it has been. Be sure to check out all of their past leaps – especially last week’s podcasts. It’s really cool to finally hear their voices after only knowing them through the written word for so long. Their personalities really shine through.

One last running leap...

See these kids? The funny looking one in the window? That’s me. Circa 1982. The bowl-cut tot in the yard is my friend Jeff. This picture is one of the last times we ever met in person. He’s the son of my mom’s best friend from elementary school. Before Jeff was even born, his family moved from Massachusetts to Michigan. Occasional visits were the only time Jeff and I ever crossed paths.


Fast forward to 2005. Fury was 3 years old and cracking me up daily. The best anecdotes made their way via email to various family members. One particular incident amused us so much that it somehow forwarded its way to Jeff. At the time, he was dabbling in cartooning and thought it would be amusing to put this incident into comic strip form. He sent this to my mom:


(Click to enlarge)

Do you mind hitting the FF button one more time? Sorry.

Fall 2007. I had just launched The Busy Dad Blog and had maybe published 5 or 6 posts. Jeff had cultivated his love of cartooning into a career aspiration and was looking for inspiration. He found my blog and emailed me. We communicated back and forth and an idea was born: a comic strip based upon my real-life adventures in parenting. He put it best – “hey, at worst, you’ll have a bunch of comics starring your son.” How could I say no to that?

We began work in earnest (well, he did. I just kept blogging away) and just last week, we had our first proposal ready to go for BusyDad Tales, the “reality comic” based upon my adventures with Fury. Neither of us know “the game” all that well and we’re both taking a leap of faith and learning as we go. We’ve submitted our proposal to a number of syndicates and I put a website together.

We don’t know where this will lead, but it has been a blast. As my last Leap of Faith, I wanted to share the website with you. We have about 30 strips in the hopper already and plan to continue putting them out. I added a few to the website and will add about 2-3 new strips per week. I hope these amuse you and I really hope you’ll be seeing them in some newspaper somewhere someday.

I don’t ever ask for much, but I’m pulling one favor. If you could link this to your blogrolls, Jeff and I would be extremely grateful. I will return the favor on the BusyDad Tales links section as well (even though traffic as of right now is 2: Jeff and Jim, I bet).

To all my readers, lurkers, stalkers and otherwise, thank you so much for all your support. It has made this year incredible!

Have I rambled too long? Yes. Let’s just get to the damn website already:

BusyDad Tales