Leap of Faith #4: BusyDad Sings the Hits

Leap%20Of%20Faith%2008.jpgAnd now for talent portion of our competition (you’re lucky you missed the swimsuit round – it ain’t a pretty sight these days). Ok, my biggest leap ever coming up. I’m putting it all out on the line. Why is it that of all things that make us self-conscious, singing is always at the top of the list?

Well, at least now there’s nothing left on the internet that I’m trying to hide from you. Here goes nothing...

I’m a singing fool. I usually hide behind a nice whiskey buzz and loud karaoke machine when I belt me out some tunes. And in those situations, I can count on the audience being halfway plastered anyway. By putting this out on a Friday, I’m hoping to catch most of you in some stage of Blog Hopper inebriation.

Let’s ease into it with something fun. KISS has been Fury’s favorite group since he was 3. Little Einsteins just didn’t incorporate enough pyrotechnics to hold his interest. So, for my opening act, Fury will perform the song that changed it all for him. I’m providing lyrical backup, but to my surprise, the kid actually reads them quite well off the karaoke prompter! He’s got a future gracing dive bars across the country.

NOTE: These videos from the Karaoke site were working earlier. Don't know why they aren't now. You can also view them on my page at Sims on Stage. At least watch the Fury singing KISS one. I assure you it's worth it! Or you can just skip down to the YouTube clip at the bottom of the post. That's working.

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Random fact about me. I really dig country music. Don’t ask me how or why. I have no clue. I grew up in Boston and reside in Los Angeles. All I need to do to complete my country-music-hostile city trifecta is to live in New York City. Oh well, if you’re into this kind of thing, here’s me doing a traditional Hank Williams tune, followed by a contemporary country “power ballad” by Dierks Bentley.

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Rate this performance at the Sims On Stage

Still here? Getting another drink? That’s ok, I understand. I would too...

I’m taking the helmet and safety harness off now. This is me playing guitar and singing. I recently re-discovered this great tune when my iPod shuffled to it on my train ride to work. I ended up listening to it 20 times thinking, “hmm... I can do this.” You be the judge.

Thanks for indulging my inner rock star. If you want to join me in some drunken virtual karaoke, I’ll catch you on Sims on Stage. You can look me up. I’m Papa Jim. Hey, it’s last call. Time for one more round and then I’ll meet y’all at Denny’s.