LA (kid) Law

Who says kids aren’t legal-minded? This son of mine keeps surprising me with amusing applications of knowledge picked up from … I have no idea where. Anyway, here are some recent gems having to do with all things law and order.

* * * *
We drove by a police roadblock the other day being manned by two slightly older officers...

Marcus: Those guys are too old!
Me: Old?
Marcus: Yeah, they probably lost all their punching power.
Me: Punching power?
Marcus: For punching bad guys. And they probably can’t aim their guns anymore either.
Me: Hmm...
Marcus: They should just quit the police team.

Any dictators out there need a Minister of the Interior in training?

* * * *
As told to d Wife by Marcus’ Kindergarten teacher:

Some kids were playing a little bit too dangerously in the schoolyard, which invited a stern warning from the teacher in the form of “kids, stop jumping around or something bad will happen!” to which my son added:

“Yeah, like a lawsuit!”

* * * *
Me: Hey! There’s a flying ant on my arm

[Marcus squishes it]

Me: Eww. Now there’s brown gunk on my arm.
Marcus: Oops, sorry, Dad.
Me: It’s not your fault. It was his brown gunk.
Marcus: No… it’s my fault because I squished him.
Me: Hey, that was man of you!
Marcus: Well... he is a flying ant. He should have just flied away actually!

* * * *
For this year’s Christmas cards, I had Marcus draw a picture of anything he wanted on each card. He had just handed me a cool picture of a dune buggy thing.

Me: This is pretty cool, Fury. What do want to title this?
Marcus: um... 4-wheeler.
Me: Done.
Marcus: Don’t forget the TM
Me: Huh?
Marcus: So no one can copy it.

(Earlier that day, we were at Starbucks and he noticed on the signs that there was a TM symbol after the word Starbucks. I explained the concept of trademarking to him.)


Caffeine breeds inquisitiveness
(it’s hot chocolate, people… don’t get all up in arms.)