I've Got 20 Minutes and a Baby Picture

Consider this post a pre-emptive strike, nothing more. I've been doing this once-a-month posting thing for long enough to intuitively sense when I'm about to be called out on Twitter for abandoning my blog. Plus, my dogs started barking at the sky and swarms of bees flew in counter-clockwise formation yesterday.

But I've got 20 minutes before I need to jump in the car and head to work. So I'm pulling the baby picture / new blog fodder card. This is BusyBaby at 12ish weeks. We don't know the sex yet, so I can't give him/her a cool nickname. 

Is it me or is BusyBaby really developed for just 12 weeks? He/she is sucking his/her thumb and has already located the spot for optimal lumbar support.

Of course Fury is all excited. He's been asking for a little sister for some time now. Hmm spoil him much? We've tried to explain to him that the gender of the baby will be a gamble, like Vegas (shut up, he just goes for the free alcohol), but of course he's not above stirring the cosmic pot with the power of suggestion. He's been holding onto this gift he got for his little sister for months now:

Let's hope Fury can charm fate like he does the world.