It's the Eye of The Tiger

This is my Rocky Balboa moment. I'm now a final candidate on the Hot Blogger Calendar. Ok, so they changed the rules so that anyone who was even nominated once is now in the voting pool. But that does not change the fact that I appreciate so much that SO many of you left comments and nominated me! THANK YOU ALL!!  I gotta go take that screenshot and save it to show Fury because you can actually vote for me now!!

As you may know, I try to respond to every one of my comments (within the comment), but I was out this weekend sipping iced tea and catching up on the latest musicals at a bachelor party in Vegas. So in lieu of my usual replies (because I have to leave for a meeting in less than an hour), this goes out to all of you ass-kicking well wishers and nominators:

"Thank you! And yeah wow - I can't believe I've been blogging for a year now. Crazy! Dude, it's not gay, it's support, like slapping a teammate's butt. Aw, shucks, it's only because I rigorously hand selected that out of 20 others that I made my poor kid take before I would let him watch Bindi the Jungle Girl. And no, if I make it, they'll probably just bury me neck deep in Lego pieces."
For any of you landing here randomly from the Hot Blogger site, I actually updated my flickr site (that's hunger baby!). And yeah, yeah I know - my kid is my mojo. But come on, do you think this eye of the tiger look can simply be learned? No, it is DNA. It is born (I'm lucky most of you have no idea what d Wife looks like).