Is This Thing Mine? *TOOOT* *TOOOOT*

worker_sign_vest.jpgBlog closed for repairs. I'm going to send you all on a little detour to Discovering Dad, a very cool dad blog written by Jeremy Biser. This dude has like a hundred blogs, but I like Discovering Dad best. Why? Because this week's Spotlight on Dads is shining on yours truly.

While you're there, make sure to give him props and of course subscribe to his feed and/or bookmark him. He features a different dad every saturday. AND, he's doing something that I wish I had thought of: he's getting the scoop direct from my favorite mom bloggers about issues that men care about, but were too scared to ask. He showed me a preview. It is GOOD. And he gets to email them without getting in trouble. I told you he was wikid smaaaat!