In Other News, Vol. 4

Virtual Pet Bling Winners

My only excuse is "this is my blog, I am my own cheap ass boss who doesn't pay me a penny to write this thing." It has indeed taken me forever to log onto the random number generator and pick 4 winners. Sorry about that. Lack of staff...

Will the following please step forward to claim your Tamagotchi Virtual Pet fun pack:

  1. Daddy Joe @ Dribbly Castles
  2. Miss @ Just Miss
  3. Kori @ See Kori Rant
  4. Kelly @ Don Mills Diva

Miss and Kori have both won prizes on the BDB before, but I forgot to post "previous winners must wait 6 months to be eligible for another drawing" so they lucked out. Plus, quality legalese costs money, and I'd rather just buy cool stuff like Volvos with it (suburban PTA daddymobiles rock. I have come to accept that).

* * * * *

Clone Wars and McDonalds. A Match Made in Coruscant.

Or more likely, China. Semantics...

First, if you're into Star Wars you have to see The Clone Wars. Trust me. You have to. And take me with you. If you have kids, I know you love to hate, and hate to love the all-powerful Happy Meal. I've talked about my ability to eat McDonald's food in the past (5 Big Macs, 10 Egg McMuffins on separate occasions documented with witnesses), so granted, I'm a wee bit biased, but I think it's pretty cool that the current Happy Meal toy is a Star Wars bobblehead.  As usual, I'm totally late with posting "current news" and this is the final week of the promotion, but...

I have a butt-load of Happy Meal Star Wars bobbleheads to give out! I received this box of kid crack recently (child added to show scale and euphoria):

There are 18 different Star Wars bobbleheads in this set, including characters from the live action Star Wars movies and the new animated Clone Wars movie. I'm totally taking Boba Fett and sticking him to my dashboard. He's my favorite Star Wars character of all time. I want to be him for Halloween.

If you want to see your kids smile real big and don't feel like eating 18 bags of Apple Dippers (you know you do it out of guilt). Then just leave me a comment and I'll enter you to win a complete set. I think this box has a few complete sets and I'm giving them all away (Ebay them in 15 years. You're welcome).

* * * * *

Be Part of the In(side) Crowd

You've probably noticed the discussion forum thing on my sidebar (with some really mundane topics on it - we were only testing!). True, it looks a little bland right now, but this is the beta version of a blogging application that I think has a ton of potential. 

This cool new thing is called Inside Crowd and it's basically a discussion forum for your blog -- which in itself is nothing new and exciting. The element that does make it really cool is the fact that you can share this forum with your friends' blogs. So basically, if one of my readers posts a question to my board, that question will also appear on the boards of all my Inside Crowd friends. And all their readers can also post answers to my reader's question. It's kind of like cross-pollinating  blog readers.

If you are a blogger, I highly encourage you to try it (and link your forum to mine by adding BusyDad as a friend) and if you are a reader, I urge you to post questions to it (so no one has to look at my "What's Your Favorite Candy" test question). 

As I mentioned, this is still in Beta (test) mode, so the "add friend" functions may not work at this point. But if you need help with anything at all, just email Ross Rosen directly. This is his baby, so he's been really helpful in getting this to work well for us early adopters. You can bother him at

If you're still confused, perhaps their animated tutorial explains it better.