In Other News, Vol. 2

The following are not (and never will be) paid posts. Just a roundup of cool news, products and totally random tidbits. And sometimes you can even win stuff.

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I'm Outta Here!

Dear BusyDad readers, I am going on a short hiatus. In a few hours, I will be getting on a plane to China to attend an international conference. Corporate Man will be in full effect. It'll actually be kind of cool. I'm giving a presentation that will be simultaneously translated into 4 languages. With headsets and the whole deal. Dude, I'm like all UN and stuff. Oh the minds I will corrupt! And I wonder why they ban my website in China. And, oh yeah, because my site is banned, I will not have access to check out your comments (or reply to them! ahhh!!!). However, the BDB will not sit idle while I am gone. I have given the keys to Mr Lady and I know she already has plans to throw quite the blogger party at my place while I'm gone. And if I can manage to email her my posts, she'll throw them up on here as well. Just don't drink all the good stuff, k? I'll be back in 2 weeks.

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I Wish They Came in Adult Sizes

New%20Balance.jpgHere's something really cool. New Balance and Sesame Street have teamed up to bring you Sesame Street sneakers. Available next month, the shoes will come in Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch styles. I view this as a welcome addition to kiddie wear. Dora and SpongeBob need some healthy competition from the Old School. You know, characters who built their reputation living in trash or eating foods laden with transfats and white sugar. And I learned Spanish words just fine from Maria and Luis. Viva la Sesame Street!

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I'm Giving Away Toys and Blowing Things Up 

Thanks to Remember when I first came across this site on my Mother's Day post? Well they thought I was pretty cool too. And they wanted to give you all yet another reason to check them out. is going to give three lucky readers some really cool toys:

  1. Alex Toys’ “Happily Ever Crafter” kit, a $40 value, recommended for ages 7+
  2. Magnetic Poetry's "Story Maker" kit, a $14.95 value, recommended for ages 8-14
  3. Blue Orange Toys' "Zimbbos" stacking game, a $29.95 value, recommended for age 3+

All they ask in return for entering my contest is to check out some articles on the site and leave a comment on this post with some feedback. Luckily, this site is very useful (would I steer you wrong?). For starters, you could check out this article on the Hidden Benefits of Being an Involved Father (besides being able to write a majorly ass kicking blog), or check out their section on educational games and activities you can do with your kids (conveniently categorized by grade level). I personally love that they actually advocate blowing things up in the microwave. And if you are trying to get information on public and charter schools, they have a very comprehensive school finder database. It totally rocks. I mean it. And I threw in their widget that helps you browse educational toys by age:

For more widgets please visit


Enjoy the site and if you'd like to enter the giveaway, just leave some feedback about the site in my comments, and be sure to let me know which toy you'd like to be entered for. I'll pick 3 winners at random after I get back from China. 

I'll miss you all! And remember, be good!