"I'll Have a Busy Dad."

See that phrase above? I've got a vision. And after much contemplation, I've come to believe it's what I was put on this earth to accomplish.

I must have a drink named after me.

And now I fully understand why a usually well-prepared guy like me would drop the ball and not get around to printing business cards for BlogHer: my time in Chicago on July 23-26 was destined to be more than simply networking for my measly blog.

It was meant for launching the next Manhattan, the next Mai Tai, the next Tom Collins, the next Adios Mofo. The next great cocktail.

It all came to me quite by accident (like all the good things and 7 year olds in my life) a few days ago. I was pouring my usual Jack Daniels to end the evening when the unthinkable happened: I ran out. If you knew me at all, you'd know I would never let that happen. Frustrated that my glass was only half full, I scrounged around my bar to find anything else alcoholic I could throw in there. The only thing I could find that made any sense was a bottle of Frangelico. What the hey, I topped off the glass, threw some ice in it and tipped it back.

I was very pleasantly surprised. I toyed around with this combination a little bit more, Googled it to make sure it wasn't already an existing concoction and just like that, I invented a cocktail. Now, you all know the real story behind it, but here's the recipe with a PR/Marketing spin -- just in case the Food Network ever does a special on "Cocktails That Rule the World" and decides to interview me:

The Busy Dad

  • 2 parts Jack Daniels (because I'm a card-carrying Tennessee Squire)
  • 1 part Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur (because you gotta be one part nuts to be a successful parent)
  • A splash of Diet Coke (because it's what gets me through each day when I am not allowed to drink beer).

Pour into a lowball glass with ice and stir with one of those long Lego pieces (because chances are you'll find one of those before any real stirring implement).

So, instead of business cards, I'm bringing a mess of those longish Legos. And if any of you attending BlogHer orders a Busy Dad, I'm giving you one. My hope is to return home Lego-less. But I guess if the drink doesn't catch on, at least Fury can make a really cool wall.

Also, since you're here reading this post, I guess this is a good time to tell you that I'm actually on a panel at this year's BlogHer. This panel was dreamt up by fellow Hot Blogger Calendar alum Avitable (and the brilliance of the subject matter and its title leaves no doubt that it was his idea). I'm just going to send you to his post about it and encourage you to submit questions to ask Avitable, ChildsPlayx2 and me.

I don't know how this is going to play out, but I do know that I'll do a lot better with a few Busy Dads within arm's reach.