If Jeopardy Were Written by Parents

jeopardy%20intro.jpg Alex Trebek: ... and our third contestant of the evening is BusyDad, from Los Angeles, California. Welcome BusyDad, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Me: Thanks Alex. Um, let’s just get on with the game. I have to pick up my kid by 5:30 and I really can’t be late because they’ll charge me like an extra $5 for every minute I’m late or something. So, if it’s ok, I’d like control of the board and I’ll take “4-Letter Words” for $100, Alex.

Alex Trebek: Very well. And the answer is: “The opposite of Heaven, this word conveys eternal suffering.”
Contestant Linda: BUZZ! What is Hell?
Alex Trebek: Ohh... that’s not exactly the answer we’re looking for here. Anyone else? Eternal suffering... yes, BusyDad?
Me: What is DORA?
Alex Trebek: Yes! And you’re in the lead with $100 and you get to choose the next category.

Me: I’ll take “Professions” for $300, Alex.Jeopardyjeopardy%202nd.jpg
Alex Trebek: This profession is credited with saving lives.
Me: BUZZ! What is a Babysitter.
Alex Trebek:
... and that is correct!

Me: I’ll take “Money and Finance” for $200, Alex.
Alex Trebek: This is currently the world’s fastest growing currency.
Contestant Frank: BUZZ! What is the Euro?
Alex Trebek: Ohhh... not quite, Frank.
Me: BUZZ! What is LEGO.

Alex Trebek: You are certainly correct sir! And you’d like to stay on this category? Ok, the answer: It completes the phrase, “in this world, nothing is certain but death and...”
Me: BUZZ! What is whining.

Alex Trebek: Right again! And with control of the board, you’d like “International Organizations” for $400? Ok, the answer: This organization helps provide children worldwide with food when no one else can.
Contestant Linda: BUZZ! What is UNICEF?
Alex Trebek: It sounds like that would make sense, but no, that is incorrect. Yes – BusyDad...
Me: What is McDonalds. And I’d like “Potent Potables” for $500, Alex.

Jeopardyjeopardy%203rd.jpg Alex Trebek: Very well, the answer: Quite possibly the best—
Me: BUZZ! What is Newcastle.
Alex Trebek: How in the Hell...?

Me: “Society” for $300 please Alex.
Alex Trebek: It is predicted that by 2011, every household in the United States will own one of these.
Me: BUZZ! What is the monstrosity we call Crocs.
Alex Trebek: Word for word, BusyDad.

Me: Trust me, that was an easy one. I’ll take “Superhuman Endeavors” for $500, Alex.
Alex Trebek: Requiring great endurance and inner strength, this event tests the limits of human survival.
Contestant Frank: BUZZ! What is the Iditarod Sled Race?
Alex Trebek: Nope. But I bet BusyDad has the answer...
Me: Yeah. What are birthday parties.

15 minutes later…

Alex Trebek: Ok, welcome back folks, it’s time to play Final Jeopardy. During the commercial break, our contestants wrote down what they were willing to wager in the category “Leisure Activities” and now let’s have the answer: According to the Gallup Poll, this is the most popular activity that people engage in when they have free time.

First let’s go to Linda, who writes “What is Golfing.” And she wagered all $200. And now Frank, your answer is “What is Traveling” and you wagered it all as well. $100. And let’s see how BusyDad did...


And it looks like BusyDad comes out the big winner this evening with a grand total of $15,000! What are you planning on doing with your winnings?

Me: Can you just write it out to my son’s school? I owe them about that much in back tuition and raffle tickets I never sold. Thanks, Alex. Gotta run!