"If Fury Wants to Hang Out, Dial 9-1-1"

Warning: The following post is a blatant attempt to increase traffic and readership among my primary audience, women aged 24-36 [Editor's note: based on comments, some think that this is my desired demographic. No, this is my actual primary demo, according to my stats. I desire ALL of you! Well not in that way... you know what I mean!]. If you do not fall within this demographic, forgive me this once. A blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do. Why do I feel the need to increase my traffic? I certainly don't make a penny off this blog. Maybe it's an ego thing? Yes. Yes it is. I have an insatiable ego (which I ironically have to put on the backburner to write this post. It'll become apparent in a sec).

My baby god-daddy Joey used to work for the LA County Probation Dept., which meant he ran thangs over at the juvenile detention camp. Fury had a total hook up in case he ever messed up and had to do a stint at juvi. I had it all arranged. He could get a job at the library, do all the officers' taxes, play PS3 in Joey's trailer, ghost write his MySpace page...

Fury now has to behave himself. Joey recently graduated from Fire Academy and currently works for the LA County Fire Department. And as of a month ago, works in the station assigned to our house. Los Angeles County is the largest county in the United States. There are close to 200 stations he could work for. The fact that he was stationed at ours is nothing short of blogworthy. In pure Joey fashion, he informed me of this via a text message, which I used as the title of this post (I keep telling him he needs to start a blog, then I think about it and go "no no no, please do NOT start a blog!").

Fury and I were getting gas the other day when we saw a County Fire Engine in a nearby parking lot. Since his station only has three people, I knew Joey had to be there. I stood Fury on the hood of the car to wave Joey down (Hey, he's his godson. He's allowed to obstruct a rescue operation to say hi).

Luckily for Joey's career, he didn't see him. Fury of course asked if we could eat at the restaurant next to the station and visit Uncle Joey after dinner. 

I didn't have my camera with me, so forgive the picture quality of my camera phone.

Yes, I'm hitting below the belt by showing you a fireman and a cute kid.

So sue me.

The  coolest kid in school.

Fun fact: a Fire Truck has a ladder. A Fire Engine is the one with the hose.
Take care of your hose and your hose will take care of you.