I Swear

Alot. But never in front of my mom and oddly enough, my sister. And if you are perceptive, never on this blog. My kid can read. So when Maria asked if I would guest post on her blog, I said F%^& yeah!! Because Maria's blog is no-holds-barred. It is raw, it is real and F-bombs fly like Cheerios across a kitchen floor. If you like the Bob Sagat version of me, please don't click over (Mom and relatives, I'm talking to you). I took this opportunity to swear my ass bum bum off. In fact, the entire post is centered around every bad word I can't say here. It is done in the name of fun though (I suck at angry posts, so I don't ever do them).

What's it about? Basically what I would have titled have my posts if I swore on this blog. And some other fun stuff thrown in. Because I don't want to whore up Maria's blog with links to mine, here are the posts referenced in that post. But first, click over to my guest post so you know what I'm talking about.

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