Gunnin' for that Liberal Arts Degree

Marcus started Kindergarten this fall. This meant homework and tests. Yes, tests. That’s what I get for enrolling him in a school whose primary customer base is comprised of faculty and grad students from Cal Tech.

His first test? Aced it, baby!


Perhaps he peaked too early? His second test came back with this:


Ouch a 33% drop in performance! I had a talk with him the other night about it.

“So, Fury, I saw your spelling test. So I guess you got ‘rat’ wrong, eh?”
“Yeah. What did I spell?”
“What does rad mean?”
“Really ultra cool.”
“Ooh! I like that better anyway. Spelling rat is boring. I like rad!”

Way to go son! Question everything and change the rules. I ain’t paying $10K a year for you to just sit there and rote memorize. Screw NASA, you’re gonna be president someday.