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I didn't realize it until I sat down to write this, but my eBay account is the oldest internet related membership that I have. When I made my first eBay purchase, I still had an AOL account, and the only dub step I ever heard was the sound of my modem connecting. I've bought some really cool stuff over the years, and I even started an online store on it years ago, but I only sold one item. I guess I'm really good at knowing what I want, but horrible at knowing what other people want. 

But that's cool because I've collaborated with eBay to create a whole slew of collections of stuff that I want. Wait - eBay collections?? Oh yes. Want to see the coolest Boba Fett stuff that I found on eBay? Of course you do (click on the picture to access the collection):

Also, did you know that my true goal is life is to outlive you? Yes YOU. All of you. Here's some stuff I think I would need in order to accomplish this (clicking on the picture shall transport you into my world):

If you follow me on social media, you know I'm constantly grumbling about the 4 hours a day I spend getting to and from work. In addition to a sherpa, here are some things that would make that more tolerable (click on the picture to leave this god forsaken blog post):

I could go on, but I have 24 of these, each with its own story as to why I created it. It's like 24 individual blog posts! And seeing as I have only posted like 12 times this year, it's like I'm giving you two years of posts on my eBay account.

So peruse my eBay collections, follow them, or build your own. If you want to see what fellow curators have gathered up, just check #FindItFollowIt on Twitter.

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